Bathroom Flooring

Our showroom on Stoneleigh broadway features an array of bathroom flooring products to meet all tastes and specifications. From sleek and stylish Amtico LVT, to anti slip resin flooring that can vastly reduce the chance of a nasty spill, we have something for everyone. If you’re having trouble deciding what to go with after reading through this page, why not get in contact with us or pay us a visit?

Amtico Flooring for Bathrooms

One of the best-known brands in the UK when it comes to luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), Amtico Flooring have a wide range of products that are perfectly suited to bathroom applications. Not only is Amtico LVT water resistant and easy-to-clean, it’s antimicrobial, making it incredibly hygienic. Warm underfoot and boasting slip resistance, these are pragmatic products which also look fantastic, helping you take bathroom design to the next level.

Amtico LVT is available in a broad selection of styles, and can bring the warm, natural look of wood, stone or ceramic to the table, without any of the associated drawbacks (e.g wood can warp and rot in high moisture environments). If you’re looking for something modern, choose an abstract design such as patterned LVT, which can complement fixtures and other design features, such as wall tiling or bathroom accessories. Elegant, practical and endlessly customisable, when you opt for Amtico flooring products you’ll never have to compromise.

Ceramic Tiling

For something timeless and traditional, consider ceramic floor tiling. You have many options when you go this route, from choosing smaller tiles placed close together in a mosaic formation, to larger coloured or patterned tiles that can communicate your unique sense of style. Ceramic tiling is one of the most popular options for bathroom flooring for a number of reasons: it’s impervious to moisture, stain resistant and hygienic - refusing to hold odours and to harbour bacteria.

They’re also up to dealing with the stresses of long-term, everyday use, and look sleek and stylish while doing so. Consider matching up your floor tiles with wall tiling to achieve a really consistent aesthetic. The one thing that should be considered is the slip factor, which can be overcome by choosing particular matte tiles or by careful placement of bath mats. But those particularly at risk of falls may be better considering something like our anti slip resin flooring.

Anti Slip Resin Flooring

When safety is priority number one, consider incorporating anti slip resin flooring within your bathroom or wet room. Designed and tested under scrutiny to reduce the chance of an accidental slip to a minimum, anti slip resin provides peace of mind, especially when the bathroom is being used by those with mobility concerns, or other issues that can amplify the risk factor of everyday bathroom usage.

While they’re designed with safety in mind, this doesn’t mean anti slip flooring products aren’t concerned with excelling in other areas. There’s a range of choice when it comes to colour and finishes, so you can score high marks when it comes to style, and adapt the flooring to other design features. Easy to clean and with antimicrobial functions, anti slip resin ensures that catering to safety doesn’t come at the expense of anything else.

To discuss bathroom flooring options with our friendly team, call our Stoneleigh showroom on 020 8394 0521.