Specialist Bathroom Designers in Dorking and Leatherhead

Do you want to create a fresh, new look or add a rustic style to your bathroom? We want to help you achieve a bathroom design that makes you happy. At Pose Bathrooms Ltd, we have visionary bathroom designers available for a range of projects in the Dorking and Leatherhead areas. Our highly creative team of designers will work closely with you to turn your dream bathroom into a reality. If you’re short on ideas, stop by our showroom in Stoneleigh, not far from Epsom and Banstead.

Our company is a family-run business with 35 years of experience in bathroom design and installation. When you select our team as your bathroom designers of choice, you can expect a service which includes a full installation by skilled fitters who are trained in gas engineering. We pride ourselves on being able to help Dorking and Leatherhead homeowners discover the ideal style they are looking for.

Modern or Traditional Bathroom Design

Have you seen a specific trend or style in a magazine or on TV? How do you want your bathroom design to reflect your personality? You might prefer modern flair or have a traditional tastes instead. If you have any questions, you can sit down and discuss anything from colour palettes to the fittings you want with our bathroom designers, who work closely with customers from Dorking and Leatherhead to realise their ideas and aspirations.

Take a moment to consider which style best suits your home:

A light and clutter-free style is popular in Scandinavian bathroom design. Geometric shapes and high-key lighting will reflect a relaxed, minimalist feel. This contemporary tone focuses on little or no colour and clear lines to emphasise space and functionality. The modern approach of our bathroom designers makes it simple for disabled access and user-friendly features to be integrated.

A traditional bathroom design for your Dorking or Leatherhead property promotes a rustic theme with warm hues which set a welcoming mood when you enter the room. Mimic a French country setting with copper-plated fixtures, polished tiles and marble counter-tops. You can also splash a bit of colour on an accent wall or add texture with curtains and rugs. Consider plants and wicker furniture to enhance the natural elements of your bathroom design.

How Our Bathroom Designers Work with You
Once you’ve decided on the style you want, or maybe mixed elements of both, we’ll be ready to take care of the rest. Are you concerned about plumbing or connections to your water supply? Don’t worry - you can trust that we know what we are doing. As well as providing our expertise to customers in Dorking and Leatherhead, our bathroom designers are available to homeowners in the Surrey area.

What are the next steps you should take?

  • First, book an appointment with our team in Stoneleigh or check out our showroom
  • Next, we will discuss and plan every step of your bathroom design based on the style you are looking for
  • We will arrange painting, decorating, plastering or tiling to be done at convenient times to limit any disruption
  • If there are general plumbing, heating, gas or boiler installations you need, we can sort this out for you

If you’re looking for a new bathroom design in Dorking or Leatherhead, contact Pose Bathrooms Ltd on 020 8394 0521 to speak to our bathroom designers.