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When designing a bathroom that will be used by the disabled or movement impaired, accessibility has to be the chief concern. But to succeed in this area doesn’t mean you have to compromise in others. While the disabled bathrooms of yesteryear were often no frills, utilitarian things – Pose Bathrooms takes a wholly different approach. We design and install stunning, bespoke bathrooms tailored to the end user, ensuring they’ll be as easy to use as they are on the eye.

The first thing to consider when investing in a disabled bathroom is whether you’d like it to be a wet room or not. A wet room features an open shower with a level floor area, and strategically positioned drains. They let you avoid having to install a separate, raised area e.g a bathtub or traditional shower, which may prove difficult to access. Not all disabled bathrooms are wet rooms, however, and it’s worth considering the various advantages and disadvantages associated with one.

Disabled Bathroom Features

While each disabled bathroom that we design is unique, there are a few common features that they often share. Firstly, the walk-in-shower. If you decide against a wet room, these are ideal as they still prevent the need for climbing over a bathtub, which for many is a difficult feat that can lead to pain, discomfort or a nasty accident. These showers may feature seating for those who struggle to stand for extended periods, ensuring the user is 100% comfortable during their daily routine.

Other features include carefully placed grab rails that help with navigating the room, and a raised toilet which is easier to get on or off than a traditional toilet. The exact height it’s raised to will depend on the user. Ergonomic basins with easy-to-use taps can also make a bathroom all the more pleasant to use. Another essential feature that can be integrated is an alarm, so that a relevant person or authority can be informed if an accident occurs within, allowing for an ultra-fast response time.

Once the core, functional features of the bathroom are decided, there’s a wealth of stylistic choices you can consider; as with all the bathrooms we design for our Surrey clients, you can really let your imagination run wild during this part of the design phase. You may want to go for a traditional, rustic aesthetic with copper taps, a porcelain basin and natural stone tiling; alternatively, you may want chrome features, laminate flooring and gleaming glass tiles. The end goal is to ensure the functionality of your accessible bathroom is incorporated within a wider theme that is aesthetically sophisticated, and a joy for the senses for many, many years to come.

If you’re struggling for ideas, we urge you to visit our showroom in Stoneleigh. It features many products and displays that are sure to inspire you. Our friendly team will also be on hand to provide advice, and help you navigate our catalogue to find fixtures that will help make your dream bathroom a reality.

VAT Exempt Bathrooms

To discuss your ideas for a beautifully realised disabled bathroom, call the Pose Bathrooms team on 020 8394 0521.