2016 Trends Spotted by Our Bathroom showroom near Epsom

Design trends emerge in every aspect of home design. Our bathroom showroom has observed many trends rise and fall in popularity around the Epsom area. Some have become mainstays, while others haven’t quite stood the test of time. On this page, our bathroom store has featured a few which look to be big in in 2016.

Fashionable Bathroom Design Choices

Feature Floor Tiles
While simple, white tiles are by far the most popular variety sold by our bathroom showroom, they aren’t the only option available to you. Why not make a statement with some tiles in interesting colours and designs? Recently, we’ve been noticing that more and more homeowners around Epsom are choosing striking tiles for their new bathrooms.

Freestanding Bathtubs
Although Britain’s love for free standing bathtubs is hardly a new one, they’ve recently surged in popularity. They are a striking design choice and suggest long, relaxing soaks after arduous days’ working. Our bathroom showroom doesn’t expect to see the freestanding bathtub falling out of favour any time soon.

Larger Showers
They say bigger is better, but usually bathroom showrooms find that space-saving shower solutions are in high demand. Bucking the trend, many homeowners around the Epsom area are having large, decadent walk-in showers installed. Our bathroom store near Kingston is aware this isn’t an option for everyone, but stocks fixtures that accommodate both those with lots of room to use, and those who need to be a little more efficient with their space.

Seamless Integration
Traditionally, bathrooms have been seen as a separate room not subject to certain rules of household interior design. Nowadays, bathroom showrooms like ours near Epsom are finding that more homeowners want their bathrooms to be an extension of their living room. Ways this can be achieved include the integration of unconventional fixtures that resemble furniture, and the use of similar colours and materials present in other household rooms. If this is how you want to approach the design process, get in contact with our bathroom showroom near Epsom.

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