Bathroom Showroom Lighting up Homes in Dorking

At Pose, the bathroom store serving Dorking and Surrey, we take pride in helping customers pick amazing installations for their home. As one of the leading bathroom showrooms in the area, we also offer great tips on how to get the most out your bathroom through great lighting. By brightening up a dark space, our bathroom showrooms staff will help bring in a feel-good factor with much needed light.

Many bathrooms are built without windows or with limited natural light. A lot of people make the mistake of using single lighting which will cast dark shadows and make the room look smaller. Our bathroom showroom team recommend the best way to get rid the dark spots is by scattering the lighting. Dorking customers would benefit from having as many lights fitted without over intrusion with an even distribution around the bathroom. This could be ceiling lights or lighting around the cabinet.

Light Up Your Life

Using light bulbs with higher lumens cast more brightness around the bathroom. LED’s which use up to 90% less are a great investment as well as add great tones to the walls. Globe bulbs will spread light more but candle bulbs will omit a more fixed direction. Consider what effect you want when picking the correct type of lighting for your Dorking bathroom. Our staff at the bathroom store will help you pick the right lighting.

As the team in our bathroom shop will tell you, another fail safe in bringing more light in is by using mirrors. Illuminated mirrors are even better. Both enhance the light magnificently. Consider mosaic or gloss tiles as they will bring an extra shimmer to any Dorking bathroom. An excellent means of introducing colour into your décor and provide a double impact. We have some on display at our bathroom showrooms which will give you an idea on how it will look.

White surfaces help light bounce of the wall. Again we have plenty of examples at our bathroom store to give you a set idea of how it will look. Even if you’re picking a certain colour scheme, a white ceiling will work to contain the light and glossy white tiles will make the walls and floor shimmer with light. Metallic and shiny accessories will reflect well and patterned tiles around the basin or above the bath will draw attention to the fixtures of your Dorking bathroom.

We hope that these tips have helped you gain some knowledge on how to get the most of a dark and dingy bathroom.

Why not call into our bathroom showroom today to see how we can brighten up your Dorking home? Or alternatively call 020 8394 0521 to discuss further options.