Inspirational Bespoke Bathrooms in Dorking and Leatherhead

Are you in the Dorking, Leatherhead or local Surrey area and looking to enhance your property value? Why not think outside the box? If you add a bit of luxury to the most practical room in your home, it can make all the difference. The bathroom designers and planners at Pose Bathrooms Ltd are here to help you find a design you won’t be able to find in any showroom.

Bespoke bathrooms don’t necessarily need to look extravagant. The style you desire may lean towards simple and functional. That being said, there are many ways you can turn a main bathroom or en suite into a unique place for wellness and relaxation. To unlock the hidden potential in your Dorking or Leatherhead bathroom, we reveal how you can use your imagination to reinvent this essential room within your home.

How to Create Bespoke Bathrooms

Whether you have a big, small or oddly shaped bathroom, modern or traditional styles are versatile for any sized room. You can make a statement using vibrant colours or patterns with a choice of paint or fabrics. Investing in bespoke bathrooms can also mean remodelling your original layout to include cutting-edge technology. For designs and installations to turn your Dorking or Leatherhead property around, why not try some of the following options?

Here are some key points our bathroom planners will discuss with you:

  • Antique, upholstered furniture for a refined atmosphere
  • Art pieces and bold colours to decorate your walls
  • Classic or contemporary fixtures and fittings for your sink
  • Wet rooms or additional shower facilities
  • Stand-alone baths with jets or jacuzzi features
  • Artisan radiators, heated floors or towel racks for extra comfort
  • Advanced technology with innovative lighting techniques
  • Raw materials including stone and wood for your surfaces

Our Team Can Achieve Your Dream

As an independent company with 35 years of design, planning and repair experience under our belt, Pose Bathrooms Ltd is the ideal choice for creating bespoke bathrooms. We guarantee there aren’t two bathrooms in Dorking or Leatherhead that we’ve built that look the same! Our specialists take the time to get to know customers on a one-to-one basis so we can build the distinctive bathroom that you have envisioned.

Here’s how we can make your dream happen:

  • Our bathroom designers will guide you through colour palettes and themes
  • Planners will produce conceptual ideas and blueprints in advance
  • We will discuss brands and manufacturers best suited to your style
  • Every feature and furnishing will be taken into consideration for your budget
  • Your new bathroom suite will be fitted by industry professionals
  • We offer a full package including design, planning and installation

Our experts in bespoke bathrooms are available in the Dorking and Leatherhead area. Call Pose Bathrooms Ltd on 020 8394 0521 for a unique design experience.